When your child is diagnosed with cancer or any other life threatening disease the goals, dreams, and plans you have for your child vanishes in an instant.  Every outdoors-man dreams about the day he will have a son to tag along while hunting, fishing, and just out enjoying God's beautiful creation while teaching him to cherish, respect, and admire the outdoors. An outdoors-mans soul longs to teach his son the way of the outdoors while teaching his son to be a provider for his family, self sufficient while living in a society of every increasing dependency on others for basic needs, and a spokesman and conservationist of the beautiful and bountiful creation he has taught his son to feel at home in away from the sounds, distractions, and technology dependent modern society.   My heart broke into a million pieces knowing that my only son was staring death in the eyes and statistically he would be very unlikely to live to see his fifth birthday thus meaning as an outdoors-man my hopes, wishes, and dreams for my son was stole from me by a thief in the night.  Yes I do plan to do these same things with my beautiful daughters, however, to be given a son and have him taken from you at a young age its just not the same.  

GWT Foundation is dedicated to helping kids fighting cancer, illness, and other challenging life situations make their outdoor dreams become a reality.  In some cases it may be getting a family out  in the fields or on the water to make memories while there is time, in some cases it may be getting a child with disabilities out in the fields or on the water that might other wise not have an opportunity, and in some cases it may be that a child has lost a brother or sister and they need an opportunity to escape harsh reality and take in God's creation to help cope with their loss.


We are looking for families fighting all aspects of childhood cancer from in treatment, post treatment, and.... If you are interested in attending one of our events you can sign up click here.

We are also in need of donations both financial, property, and products to support our outdoor mission.

We are also in need of volunteers to help during outings be it a guide on the water or woods, an experienced shooter helping with instruction and safety, someone to help with keeping hydration and nutrition levels met, or someone to just be their and share stories and just ensure families are enjoying themselves.


If you would like to support other areas of the Foundation's mission, however, you do not support the outdoor mission of GWT please know that we respect your opinions.  You can with confidence support the Foundation's pediatric cancer research or family out reach / support missions without any of your funds being used by the foundation for our outdoor related mission.  When you donate to GWT you are able to direct which of the three areas of focus/missions you would like to support. 

David & Riley Harrison on a 2015 Missouri archery hunt with GWT Foundation.

David & Riley Harrison on a 2015 Missouri archery hunt with GWT Foundation.