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One of the greatest struggles you can face in life is having a child fighting childhood cancer.  Our own trials and tribulations have given us first hand experience which has motivated us to dedicate our lives to helping those battling childhood cancer in honor of our son Grant William Terrell.  Will you help us ease the struggles, stress, and heartache other families are facing?


When you think of the financial support given to the cancer world, it is like walking outside and looking at the night sky full of stars, where as, each star represents the support that is given to all those fighting cancer. It is inspiring to see all the help those in need are getting from the generosity of others. However, what you do not realize until you are told your child has the dreaded "C" word is that only one of those hundreds of millions of stars represents the support given to childhood cancer research.


To paraphrase one  cancer dad we have met in our journey, the drugs and treatments used to treat kids fighting cancer were developed before man walked on the moon...  The reason for this is research for childhood cancer receives very little funding due to the fact that childhood cancer only represents a small percentage of patients fighting cancer.  However, childhood cancer is the number one cause of death by disease in children.


Every day in America 46 kids are diagnosed  with cancer and 7 kids will die from cancer or cancer related issues.  On December 25 2014 one of those 7 was our son Grant William Terrell. 


You can make your contributions thru donations, merchandise, or participating in one of the many events we have planned.


Our site is still under construction.  Please be patient with us while we continue to build our site.  Thanks the GWT Foundation.



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